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What Is so great about WordPress?

With tens of thousands of pre-designed topics and over 15,000 plugins available, you may use WordPress to design just about any site for a fraction of the purchase price of creating from scratch. And as if this is not enough, its open source format enables WordPress developers to reprogram and personalize WordPress to do pretty much whatever they need.

By way of instance, choose a WordPress store. In the old days, the choices were to buy a costly e-commerce bundle or to pay a web developer to build one from scratch. These days, a more affordable alternative is offered by WordPress. And in the unlikely event that it lacks some of the features that you require, WordPress developers can reprogram it to bring these features. This option simply was not available a couple of years ago but is now a popular selection for small and medium businesses alike.

Why do developers use WordPress?

I believe there is a widespread attitude that using WordPress — and topics in particular — is not ‘appropriate web design’. Many designers and programmers enjoy the satisfaction of designing from scratch. This is their artwork and why they got into web design in the first location.

Static websites are no longer adequate as site owners want full control over their content.

It is hard for conventional web designers to switch to WordPress. People who see themselves as performers instead of web developers often don’t need to go in this way. That is why as specialist WordPress developers, one of our most important sources of enquiries comes from web designers that need their layouts converting to WordPress.

Is not the purpose of WordPress to make sites without a web programmer?

It’s simple to set up a WordPress site without much technical know-how. We see fewer and fewer customers who want us to develop and manage their entire site. Instead, plenty of companies and people are educating themselves WordPress and building their own sites.

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