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The Way to promote a fussy eater

As soon as you’ve ruled out a medical cause, you can look at ways of earning meal times longer cat-friendly.

Some cats are delighted to eat in close proximity to one another, other cats are not. If that’s true, feed them in different locations.

If you have a cat that has become addicted to a specific kind or brand of food, then slowly change it over by adding increasing amounts of the new food while decreasing the older type. The kitchen is a natural place but in most homes, it’s one of the busiest rooms in the house. Noisy rooms such as garages may also be overly distracting to distracting.

If you have a sick cat, consider offering him yummy food by hand, heated and in bite sized bits. He must be away from other cats, so your focus is 100 percent. If he’s still reluctant to eat, do not force him.

As your cat advances towards his mature years, his sense of smell diminishes which may cause a decrease in your cat’s appetite. Changing to a moist diet and warming up it might help stimulate his appetite.


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