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And while it’s possible to read case studies that show people racking up direct lists at the 100,000’s, creating even 1 lead isn’t a trivial endevour. You will need to build trust and confidence with each and every person who visits your site to be able to convert them from an anonymous traffic, to an identified, recorded guide.

In this guide, we have brought together everything we have ever learned to make a comprehensive resource for all you will need to know about lead generation.

This article breaks down the lead generation strategies from 75 of the greatest advertising brands and thought-leaders on the market.

For a lot of us, the final goal is to create new leads which will gradually become paying customers.

We all know that a steady flow of leads is a fundamental part of maintaining a business afloat — but coming up with original and effective methods to attract and convert qualified leads is easier said than done.

Here are 32 actionable and proven ideas to energize your lead generation efforts.

Why don’t you describe your offering in a manner that speaks to the majority?

In accordance with the case study, product explainer videos can generate leads at a speed of around 33%. When done correctly, videos keep us engaged and can inspire us to do it.

Product videos don’t have to be long or complicated, and with tools such as Animoto, they are increasingly simple to make.

  1. Do not mention spam!

A test conducted by Michael Aagard revealed that adding the term “100% privacy — we’ll never spam you!” On a signup form diminished conversions with a full 18%.

It’s fine to reassure solitude, but try doing it in a fun way that does not include the phrase “spam.”

When in doubt, run A/B evaluations to make certain your signup forms are optimized for conversion.

Does the call to act stick out?


  1. Give fewer choices

Hick’s Law conveys the principle that fewer choices means less confusion — and much less confusion means more leads. This is the reason you need to limit confusion by having one CTA.

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