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Your articles provides that information. That is why you do not just need a plan for how to get leads to your site using SEO, you also require a wonderful content marketing strategy. That means:

Knowing your articles marketing mission and content Objectives

Read our whole content advertising strategy manual for help with this.

Now, let us get started with your detailed guide to a successful lead generation SEO strategy.

To Begin the process of creating a plan for getting SEO sales prospects, you will have to:

Know your audience

Define your leads

Identify target keywords

Monitor rankings

Let us look at each of them in more detail.

  1. Know Your Audience


First, as with all advertising, know who you are trying to attract. As opposed to take a scattershot approach, create real estate buyer personas so that you can target your SEO. Buyer personas bring together the characteristics of your ideal customers in a clean bundle — or several — such as:


Age, sex, education and income


Sources of information


When you have this information you will find it much easier to optimize content for improved lead generation. Find out more about creating buyer personas in our manual.


  1. Define Your Leads


Be clear on what counts as lead generation for you so that you can assess the success of your search engine optimization lead generation strategy. A lead conversion could be if a site visitor:


If you are using OptinMonster, you will have the ability to measure conversions readily via our built in conversions analytics dashboard.


And it is also possible to use MonsterInsights as a simple way to keep track of analytics data inside the WordPress dashboard.

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